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Iceland , Monday 30 March 2020

News Iceland Stykkishólmur: History writ in water

Published on: Monday 07 May 2007
History writ in water
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She worries, sometimes, if days like these portend the heating of the planet, but then only two weeks ago in Stykkish?lmur, this tiny coastal town on the west of the island, a blizzard blew in with ...

News Iceland Stykkishólmur: Best travel destinations: Top 17 trips to take in 2017

Published on: Sunday 01 January 2017
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So the Netherlands is planning a lot of great events to promote Dutch design.” While some travellers might think Iceland has had its moment, a Contiki survey of 5,000 people revealed it is the most ...

News Iceland Stykkishólmur: 172 hours in Iceland

Published on: Monday 27 March 2017
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How did my girlfriend and I end up in Iceland is kind of an interesting story ... We were lucky to be early in Stykkish and get to buy some stuff at the local Bonus supermarket. At last. A day where I ...