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Iceland , Saturday 28 March 2020

News Iceland Sauosrkrokur: Indulge in your own Game of Thrones fantasy in Iceland

Published on: Saturday 01 June 2019
Indulge in your own Game of Thrones fantasy in Iceland
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The attraction is part of new museum 1238, opening this month in sleepy fishing town Saudarkrokur, in north west Iceland, where some of the Nordic country’s bloodiest clan battles took place. ...

News Iceland Sauosrkrokur: Bringing in the sheep in Iceland is a fall celebration full of laughter, drinking and music

Published on: Sunday 05 August 2018
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You can stop at any of the N1 service stations along Iceland’s main roads to obtain maps and directions to retts in the area. Hotel Tindastoll, 3 Lindargata, Saudarkrokur; 011-354-453-5002. Doubles ...

News Iceland Sauosrkrokur: The Ultimate (Affordable!) Iceland Road Trip

Published on: Saturday 09 February 2019
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WOW Air is now offering $99 flights to Iceland from Newark International Airport! With prices that low, and jaw-dropping scenery in every direction, this island is the perfect spot for your summer ...

News Iceland Sauosrkrokur: Saudarkrokur Airport, Saudarkrokur, Iceland [ SAK / BIKR ]

Published on: Thursday 25 April 2019
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Looking for information on Saudarkrokur Airport, Saudarkrokur, Iceland? Know about Saudarkrokur Airport in detail. Find out the location of Saudarkrokur Airport on Iceland map and also find out ...