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Iceland , Monday 30 March 2020

News Iceland Isafjordur: FISK pulls plug on shrimp processing, as Samherji re-enters the arena

Published on: Monday 07 October 2019
FISK pulls plug on shrimp processing, as Samherji re-enters the arena
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Iceland's FISK Seafood has exited the coldwater shrimp processing ... The country's remaining shrimp plants now are Holmadrangur, Kampi Isafjordur, Meleyri Hvammstanga, Dogun Saudarkroki, and Rammi ...

News Iceland Isafjordur: A fine catch of tourists in Iceland

Published on: Wednesday 22 May 2019
A fine catch of tourists in Iceland
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A small harbor town in Iceland, Isafjordur is swamped with millions of tourists 4 months a year. They had 2.6 million tourists visit last year, and the number is going up 20 percent anually. The people there have mixed feelings, but tourism has replaced the once dominant fishing industry.

News Iceland Isafjordur: Cruises Between Iceland & Sweden

Published on: Thursday 18 April 2019
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All of the cruises to Iceland offered by Seaborn, Holland America and Regent feature a stop in Reykjavik. In some cases, you spend additional time in Isafjordur and Akureyri, smaller Icelandic ports. ...

News Iceland Isafjordur: Hotels Isafjordur

Published on: Sunday 14 April 2019
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Isafjordur is a quaint fishing village in northwestern Iceland, located on a peninsula. The area is a popular nature destination with many people coming here for the wildlife. In between your ...

News Iceland Isafjordur: Iceland’s Dogun completes upgrades, will handle 10,000t shrimp per year

Published on: Wednesday 10 April 2019
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This left Kampi Isafjordur, Meleyri Hvammstanga, Dogun, Rammi Siglufjordur, and Holmadrangur -- the last of which is undergoing attempts to restructure in order to pay its creditors. "In Iceland, ...

News Iceland Isafjordur: Isafjordur Airport, Isafjordur, Iceland [ IFJ / BIIS ]

Published on: Monday 22 April 2019
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Looking for information on Isafjordur Airport, Isafjordur, Iceland? Know about Isafjordur Airport in detail. Find out the location of Isafjordur Airport on Iceland map and also find out airports near ...